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Fibre Glass Flat Strip 550°C

Fibre Glass Flat Strip 550°C

Available mostly in units starting at 50 linear metres. Please choose the thickness of your exhaust strip. When choosing "Residues" you'll find different thicknesses shorter than 50m.

Insulation of thermal radiation and heat is easier than most people think. We offer multiple solutions with Original-TECHNO® Heat Protection and Insulation Products. You can easily find a quick solution for your problems with our heat protection strip. You create an effective touch guard by wrapping even in several layers. The tapes have unfrogable selvedges hence is easy to install. The TECHNO®- Fibreglass Strip is defined by its tectile character, which makes it smooth and silky.

Our Heat Protection Strip has self-adhesive backs to support the installation if ordered that way. Please keep in mind, that these glues are only for support when in cold conditions. It dissolves when getting warm, so it is necessary to fix it. Usually this is done with hose clamps or stainless steel wire (available in our online shop). Needless to say we do sell residues and small quantities, although we don't have all dimensions available as such.

The applicable temperature is around 450°C (842°F; 723°K), short term at 550°C (1022°F; 823°K). For higher temperatures, we recommend to use our silica fibre heat protection strips.

Organic binders will dissolve at 200°C (392°F; 473,15°K), which causes the shtrips to become slightly brown. Unfortunately, these binders are necessary for production hence we cannot produce them without it.

Please have a look at our datasheet tofor more details.

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