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Exhaust Strips, Heat Protection Tapes, Fibre Glass Strips

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Heat Protection Strips, Fibre Glass Fabrics and Silica Fibre Tapes directly available!

TECHNO® - Heat Protection - and Insulation Products are very successful on the european market. This includes of course our Original-TECHNO-Fibre Glass Strip as well as the Original-TECHNO®-Silica Fibre Tape. Typically, these products are in use for heat protection in dry areas. Heat Protection Tape made from fibre glass fabrics are made of textured e-glass yarns. This makes our products extremely smooth and textile, but at the same time tearproof and guarantees a highly efficient insulation. Furthermore it has a great thermal storage capacity hence providing high performance insulation. TECHNO®-Fibre Glass Strips and TECHNO®- Silica Fibre Strips are equipped with fray-resistant selvedges on both sides.

TECHNO® - Fibre Glass Strips are usually in use as warmth or heat insulation on conduits, exhaust pipes, manifolds, silencers, cables and so on. Basically everywhere, where you want to keep the heat or block it from somewhere. The application temperature of TECHNO®-Fibre Glass Strip is around 450°C ( 842°F; 723°K ), or short term 550°C ( 1022°F; 823°K ). If you need something for higher temperatures where the Original-TECHNO®-Fibre Glass Strips are not applicable, we recommend the Original-TECHNO®-Silica Fibre Strip.

Onesided self-adhesive equipments are available as installation support. Let it be mentioned, that this adhesive is only working under cold circumstances. If you heat it up beyond 100°C, it will dissolve. Therefore it is recommended to fasten the heat protection strip after the installation. This can be done by using hose clamps or stainless steel wire. Last mentioned wire is available in our shop. Of course we do supply you with remainders and other small quantities, unfortuntely, these are not available yet in all dimensions. Fibre Glass and Silica Fibre Strips are available on rolls of max. 50 linear meters (e.g.: If you need 150m, you need to choose 3x50m). The fibre cords are available on rolls of 100m max.

Organic binders, which are necessary for the production of heat protection fabrics, will dissolve around 200°C ( 392°F; 473°K ).

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