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Binders with insulants

FAQ: I have an oven exhaust pipe in a room, which is insulated with mineral wool in the first layer and then with your fibre glass tape in the second layer.

Now I realized the room smells a little like carbide after the first heating. Do you think this this comes from the mineral wool or your fibre tape? Would it be sufficient to only wrap the oven pipe with your fibre strip to reduce the temperature? I think there is a temperature of 200-250 °C on the pipe and need a gap of at least 20cm to the next piece of furniture. I need to get down to 40-50°C, which is also possible with only the fibre strip or the mineral wool.

Our suggestion:

The smell is probably coming from the mineral wool. Mineral wool always contains binders, which dissolve above 200°C. Depending on the type of the wool and their original purpose, it can contain more or less binders.
Of course you can wrap the pipe entirely in fibre glass strip without additional mineral wool. Our fibre strips contain binders aswell. These binders are neccessary to make the fabric smooth, a little odour is unavoidable. As long as you use it in an inside area, we recommend to heat the tape before usage. This will dissolve the binders and the adhesive. Also you will need a good ventilation as mentioned in the datasheet. Afterwards it will be more "spikey" because the binders are missing.
Regarding the temperture:
It is hard to answer this. Of course you can wrap the pipe with sufficient fibre glass tapes and reach the desired temperature. The neccessary quantity of layers depends on various factors like diameter of the pipe, room temperature, wind speed and air exchange, etc. This is complicated to calculate, it is easier to just try it. Furthermore, instead of mineral wool, it would be possible to use binder-free silica wool, this won't smell at all. These are also available in our shop.


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