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Heat Radiation

If you "only" want to block the heat radiation in your facility, the TECHNO®-Fibre Glass Strip is the best solution:
Beispiel einer Hitzeschutzisolierung
Example given: When you have around 250°C-350°C on a silencer with a diameter of around 200mm: When you choose the TECHNO®-fibre Glass Strip ( 3 mm thick) and put 3-4 layers around your silencer, you will realise a strong decrease of heat radiation. You might even touch it, though we cannot guarantee it.
If you would like to have the best insulation possible, we recommend to choose the Original-TECHNO®-Matresses. this is often used for not loosing any thermal energy in your process so it can be regained in a heat exchanger. This will increase the efficiency of your facility by a decent factor. You can find another example on this page:



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