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Flat Strip Silica Fibre

Flat Strip Silica Fibre 1100°C

Available in rolls of 50 linear meters. Chosse the desired thickness of the exhaust tape. You can find different thicknesses in the category "remainders", that we keep opened for you.

Our Original-TECHNO® - Silica Fibre Tape has a long term temperature durability due to it's consistency. The durability is beyonf 1000°C ( 1832°F; 1273°K ).

Furthermore, we are proud to say that our product has a high chemical endurance, ideal physical characteristics and a high durability.

Other terms for our Original-TECHNO® - Silica Fibre Strip are ceramic strip replacement or asbestic strip replacement. Moreover you can find it under the terms glass silk strip or high temperature insulation strip.

We produce the heat protection silica fibre strip in different widths and thicknesses, depending on the requests.

You can find our product  data sheet for download here.

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