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FAQ - frequently asked questions

1. How many layers do I need to cool the surface of my oven pipe from x°C down to y°C?
The calculation depends on several factors. Among these are the following.
Temperature of the surface (in this case: oven pipe)
Room temperature (inside, outside, wind, no wind)
Operating time (10 minutes vs. 24 hours per day for 6 years)
Insulations purpose (touch guard, decrease room temperature, shield wood against combustion, etc.)
If, for example, you want to insulate a block type thermal power station, we recommend an exhaust sleeve. Please feel free to contact us regarding this topic.
Generally, the more layers are applied the cooler the surface gets.

2. Can I use stainless steel wire on wooden cone to bind reinforced steel mesh?
Yes, but the galvanic corrosion (bimetal corrosion) aggravates this opportunity. The mixed metals would cause a stronger corrosion than ususal on the less high-value metal. Even a zinc-coat would just stop this process for a short time before continuing to corrode. You can only avoid this if both materials are made from the same metal.

3. I need a waterproof insulation, can I do this with the fibre glass strip?
Both the glass- and silicate fibre strip contain organic binders, that make it smooth. If the strips come in contact with water, these binders wash off, making it brittle. Fortunately we have water-resistant fabrics, please feel free to contact us regarding this topic.

4. Can you make me an offer for this? (Screenshot of the product, including the price contained in the mail)
The price you can see online is also your price. If you would like to be served out on the shops system, this is possible but leads to a processing addition, which will cover the extra work (manual booking, manual invoicing, manual creation of delivery documents, etc.).

5. Can you send me a products data sheet?
You can find all the data sheet on the respective products page down below on the third tab "Downloads".

6. Can I use this product as oven sealing? How much degrees can it withstand?
All information regarding this can be found on the products data sheet. Our fibre glass strips and cords are often used in ovens as sealings in homes or for the industry. The temperature resistance is from 450°C up to 1000°C, depending on the product. To know the exact resistance, we recommend to take a look into the respective data sheet.

7. Can you send me an invoice regarding this order?
It is advisable to have a look at the cardboardbox, your e-mailbox or your spam folder. Every delivery comes with an invoice and if not, we send it to the e-mail-address consigned in the shop.

8. Can you register me?
On the starting page, there is a button "login". After clicking it, you can find a button "register" where you can sign up. We recommend for you to do it yourselves, so there are no construing errors.

9. I am not from Germany and would like to be free of the German turnover tax. How do I do that?
When you register properly and depose a european tax number (VAT-Number), you will automatically receive an invoice without taxes. However this only works as a registered customer, not via a guest-login.

10. Can I use the asbestic cord as oven sealing?
First of all: The fibre cords are designed to be oven sealings, so you can use them as such. Second: We never have and never will sell asbestic or ceramic cords or strips. These materials are known for being highly carcinogenic and we don't want neither our colleagues nor our customers to be exposed the these threats. The products sold by us are similar in most of the materials features, but are harmless to health according to the European Health Commision.

11. I have a 10m long pipe, how much fibre glass strips do I need?
This depends on the one hand on the factores mentioned in questions 1, on the other hand on the diameter. It is nearly impossible to calculate this so we recommend to test it in use.

12. Your product data sheet says your silica fibre strip is temperature resistant up to 1000°C. Is it also temperature resistant at 800°C?
Yes, these products are also very reliable when in use under the maximum temperature. There won't be any damaged caused by that.


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